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Are Flushable Wipes Really Flushable?

There is one law that binds all of humanity: what goes in must come out. We all have to poop and sometimes it isn't the part of our day that we look forward to most. And for good reason—sometimes the toilet paper options available to us aren't the most appealing.

Looking back in time to see what our ancestors did, we see all sorts of ingenuity.

Early on people used everything they had available to them such as sticks, leaves, corn, rocks, fruit skins, water, hands, wool, or hemp. Some people shared a cloth with their family that was kept by the toilet. Some people used a communal rope.

Compared to all these options, toilet paper seems like a legitimate gift from the heavens. To many of us, toilet paper is the only option we have. Considering that it keeps us from having to use rocks to wipe, it seems kind of amazing. However, toilet paper does come with its share of issues.

It doesn’t take too much of a leap to realize that toilet paper doesn’t give you the best clean. Toilet paper is often known to cause hemorrhoids and generally raw butt from the constant tugging you subject your sensitive parts to in achieving that perfect clean. We’ve all been there. It’s tough.

As a result, we’ve seen a recent surge in the use of wet wipes or, for some, the use of water on their toilet paper.

The thing about these “flushable” wet wipes is that they contain synthetic fibers that are still clogging city plumbing systems. In a study by Ryerson University in Ontario, over one hundred single-use wipes were tested and the conclusion was that not a single one was flushable (see article). According to experts, only toilet paper and human feces are truly flushable.

So what options do you have in getting a clean and friction-free wipe? This is where Fresh Peaches can save your butt and the environment. You can be confident you have the freshest peaches anywhere you go and you won’t have to worry about you’re clogging toilets while you’re at it.