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About Us

Fresh Peaches was founded in 2019 when we had enough of the issues associated with wiping with toilet paper such as raw butts, subpar cleans, tearing toilet paper, and the sandpaper like toilet paper in offices. Then we found that the existing wet wipe alternatives were having a harmful impact on the environment because the synthetic fibers they are made with simply don't break down. Looking into it further, while we knew about the massive, several tons wipe clogs in sewer systems, we didn't know about the millions of taxpayer dollars that were being spent dealing with damage from wet wipes, or that wipes make up 30% of the mass in landfills, or how rivers and oceans are now being littered with wipes. This is when we realized our butts and the environment both deserved better. 

Our mission is to enable people everywhere to get that fresh butt and be environmentally friendly!

Fresh Peaches is a plant-based gel that can be applied to any toilet paper and effectively turn into a wet wipe. This is great because toilet paper is already everywhere. Using Fresh Peaches is simple! Apply a penny-sized amount of Fresh Peaches to your toilet paper. Spread a thin layer of the gel onto your toilet paper. Wipe. Pat dry. Flush.

Our formula is completely biodegradable, so it won’t create clogs and it won’t end up littering the environment. The blend of witch hazel, Vitamin B, and green tea extract soothes and restores as you get that perfect wipe with our friction free formula.

You can use the Fresh Peaches 5oz bottle in your home or use the Pocket Kit if you're on the go and need a small discreet bottle that can fit into pockets or bags.