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About Us

wet wipe alternative

We are on a mission to deliver an upgraded wiping experience that is better for you and better for the environment. We strive to make our products optimal for effectiveness as well as human and environmental health. Our prices are always fair, so that fresh tushies are accessible to everyone.

Why Fresh Peaches? If you got poop on your arm, would you use dry toilet paper to wipe it off? No, you’d moisten some toilet paper before wiping it off. Fresh Peaches moisturizes your toilet paper so that you get a real fresh tushie without tearing your toilet paper. 

“Works exactly as described. Toilet paper does not tear. And is so much better and easier than using wipes I’ve always hated the wipes packing. So happy I found fresh peaches.” - Kimberlee

Toilet paper works just fine. Why now? It’s the epidemic no one talks about. Researchers say that 75% of Americans will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives and doctors say that we’re wiping too much and too hard. All the friction from over-wiping with dry toilet paper is like sandpaper and puts stress on your tushie. It’s time for an upgrade.

14,000 wet wipes per second. Wipes are not flushable (not even the flushable kind) and they are made with synthetic plastic fibers that end up in our waterways. This is bad news for everyone. In 2020, sewage was bursting from toilets in homes because of sewer blockages from wipes. Fresh Peaches is a wet wipe alternative that doesn’t clog your pipes and it is biodegradable.

Fresh Peaches is made with the safest ingredients. Made with plant-based ingredients, our formula is safe for sensitive skin and non-irritating. Each ingredient is a 1 on the EWG ingredient safety scale because your safety is our top priority. Our soothing formula helps to soothe raw tushies from toddlers to adults.

Recyclable and reusable. Our bottles are made out of PET, which have 70% fewer greenhouse gases than other packaging types. And FYI, 90% of PET plastic in the US that goes into recycling bins actually gets recycled. Our pocket bottles are made out of durable material that is meant to be reused again and again, wherever and whenever you need to go.

Whenever and wherever nature calls. It’s time for some potty talk. Everyone’s #2 schedules are different, and sometimes nature strikes when you’re out and about! That’s why we have created a home bottle and a pocket bottle that can travel with you in your pocket. We got your back wherever and whenever nature calls.

Where it all started. It was personal. Trying to get that just out of shower clean with dry toilet paper started feeling like wiping with sandpaper. I tried using wet wipes but I couldn’t keep using them with a good conscience. That’s when I created Fresh Peaches toilet paper gel for those who desire a superior clean and want to upgrade their wiping experience. Treat yo self, treat yo tushie.