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The Biggest Mistake We Make Every Single Day: Over-Wiping


If you’re desperately seeking a solution to abrasive over-wiping, you’ve come to the right place.

Are We Over-Wiping?

It’s the age-old adage, everyone poops. Apparently, everyone is over-wiping too.

You probably don’t think about it much, but the skin on the anus is particularly thin and delicate. The fact that traditional toilet paper is often synonymous with sandpaper doesn’t help matters.

According to this article featuring NYC-based rectal surgeon Dr. Evan Goldstein, most of us are wiping our behinds incorrectly. This is not only uncomfortable but can cause serious injuries in the process. Over-wiping with rough and dry toilet paper can lead to itching, pain, and bleeding. In fact, improper wiping is the leading cause of America’s most common bum-related injury – anal fissures (aka anal tears). Other common problems include UTI’s and hemorrhoids. Perianal dermatitis, also known as “polished anus syndrome,” affects up to 5% of the population, especially men and the middle-aged, as reported by The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons.

Based on the following article in Healthline, “Ideally, wiping after a bowel movement should take just two to three swipes of toilet paper.” Unfortunately, it’s hard to feel clean from ordinary toilet paper, so we end up wiping much more than that two to three swipe recommendation, which ends up causing these all-to-common side effects. We’ll take vicious cycle for $200, Alex.

Cleaner, Faster, Easier

Just because going number 2 is an ordinary part of your day doesn’t mean your toilet paper needs to be ordinary too. We’ve got a soft solution that’ll make you feel squeaky clean in a snap. Toilet paper moisturized with Fresh Peaches is the answer to your bum’s prayers. Our eco-friendly, all-natural formulation is the alternative to wet wipes and it is incredibly effective at getting you clean with less wipes. The gel solution moisturizes your toilet paper without causing it to disintegrate, so you can wipe without friction. Say goodbye to painful, endless wiping and hello to a comfortable, effortless swipe. 

Bums on The Run

From the comforts of home, we take for granted the small luxuries like ultra-soft, quilted toilet paper. But public restrooms can be infamous for carrying low-quality rolls. Your trusted sidekick, the Fresh Peaches pocket trio, can be taken on-the-go and applied on even the worst offenders. With just a pump of Fresh Peaches gel, the thinnest, driest sheets of toilet paper are magically transformed into a cool and soothing experience. Planet-lovers need not fear; your wipe is still fully septic safe and biodegradable.

You deserve a #2 to genuinely look forward to; no if’s, and’s, or butts. #HappyTushyHappyEarth