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TLC for Your Tushie

wet wipe alternative

Eliminate Friction!

Wiping with dry toilet paper in a pulling motion can actually create a lot of friction that aggravates or tears the sensitive skin around the anus. It ain't right. Over time, this can lead to hemorrhoids, in fact over 75% of Americans will have hemorrhoids at some point in their lives. Yikes! Fresh Peaches help you wipe without the problematic friction and without tearing your toilet paper.

Use less Toilet Paper

For all you over-wipers out there, doctors actually recommend only 3-4 wipes. These people have clearly never wiped! However, with Fresh Peaches you get squeaky clean with less wipes and that means you use less toilet paper. You'll be the hero of the house. Fresh Peaches is designed to sit on top of toilet paper so that it doesn't tear while you wipe.

Love your Tushie

The tushie is the hardest working but most overlooked part of your selfcare. Fresh Peaches is a way to keep your tushie fresh and vibrant. The core ingredients work together to make sure your tushie is ready to go everyday. Vitamin B5 relieves itchiness, it's anti-imflammatory, and promotes healing. Witch Hazel relieves inflammation and reduces skin irritation. Green Tea Extract provides anti-oxidants that help to protect and repair skin cells.