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We Love You and the Planet

wet wipe alternative


Save the Planet one Wipe at a Time

Fresh Peaches is 100% flushable. You don't have to worry about your pipes exploding, fatbergs creating mega clogs in city sewer systems, or ending up in our oceans and rivers. Most recently, waste water utilities are seeing sewage get clogged due to wet wipes and as a result raw sewage is getting sent into homes (link). With each wipe of Fresh Peaches, you are keeping one more wet wipe out of the water systems and also avoiding a sewage blooper.

Safest Ingredients

We don't like complicated lists of ingredients so we keep it simple. We are dedicated to using the safest ingredients and so every ingredient in our formula is rated a 1 on EWG, which is the safest rating for an ingredient on EWG's ingredient safety rating system. Fresh Peaches is made with 98% plant-based ingredients and it's 100% biodegradable.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Fresh Peaches, we chose to use reusable PET plastic for our 5oz bottles, because it is highly recyclable. There are 70x less greenhouse emissions than other packaging types (including glass), and 90% of PET in the US that going into recycling bins is recycled. Our Pocket bottles are made out of durable HDPE bottles that are meant to be reused again and again. With every step we take, we are looking at ways to continue to improve and reduce our footprint from top to bottom.