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Home + Pocket Starter Kit
Home + Pocket Starter Kit
Home + Pocket Starter Kit
Home + Pocket Starter Kit

Home + Pocket Starter Kit


For the Ultimate Wiping Experience
Fresh Peaches is a plant-based wet wipe alternative gel that can be applied onto toilet paper for a fresh and clean wipe. It's also 100% flushable!

The Starter Kit Includes
A 10 oz Home Kit that you can use to get a fresh wiping experience at home that contains up to 500 wipes! And a refillable Pocket Kit that you can carry with you anywhere you go for a fresh wipe containing up to 35 wipes!

Butt Health

Wiping with just toilet paper can actually lead to tears, irritation, and eventually hemorrhoids. Fresh Peaches keeps your butt healthy & happy. Clinically tested and hypoallergenic.


Refill and reuse with the Fresh Peaches Home Kit. The Pocket Kit is designed with high quality materials built to last.

Toothbrush product

Natural Ingredients

Powered by witch hazel, green tea extract, and vitamin B. We only use natural preservatives and there are no fragrances.


Carry wherever you need to wipe and discreetly! Designed to be leakproof and small enough to fit into pockets, purses, or diaper bags.

Why Fresh Peaches?

  • Are you tired of toilet paper tearing when you wipe?
  • Sick of thin scratchy office toilet paper?
  • Does your bum get irritated and raw from wiping and wiping?
  • Do you want peace of mind knowing you're 100% fresh down under?
  • Are you looking for a wet wipe alternative that is flushable and biodegradable? 
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