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Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative
Wet Wipe Alternative

Pocket Trio

Each Pocket Bottle is Equivalent to 30 Wet Wipes


A Better Wipe for Your Tushie and the Environment

Fresh Peaches is a wet wipe alternative gel that can be applied onto any toilet paper for a fresh and clean wipe. Gentle on skin and hypoallergenic.

Contains 3 pocket-sized bottles. Each Pocket bottle contains approximately 30 wipes. Made to get you a fresh wiping experience on the go. Also, made to be refilled and reused.

Wet Wipe Alternative



Simply apply a drop onto any toilet paper and effectively turn it into a wet wipe.  

Wet Wipe Alternative

Pocket Sized Wipe Solution

Carry wherever you need to wipe and discreetly! Designed to be leakproof and small enough to fit into pockets, purses, or diaper bags.


Refill the Pocket bottle with the 5oz bottle. The Pocket is designed with high quality materials built to last.

Wet Wipe Alternative

Natural Ingredients

Powered by witch hazel, green tea extract, and vitamin B. We only use natural preservatives and there are no fragrances.

Tushie Health

Clinically tested and hypoallergenic. Upgrade from scratchy toilet paper and give your butt a soothing and comfortable wiping experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
The best of them all

The best alternative I have found that does not leave you with aftermath to deal with. And if you are particular about your “peaches” then you know what I mean. Still not as good as disposable but the best alternative I have found!

Very Nice Clean Feeling

I don't know how to describe it but you just feel clean.


One of the cleanest and best products I've tried. I was so mesmerized by this product I had to try it on my hands and I happened to taste it. Ok I know your thinking eww but hear me out. Its colorless and odorless! I had to know if its sticky or if it has a taste. Believe it or not but there's no taste and no stickyness! Very impressed. It hydrates good when tested on hands. Imagine the good it does for your behind.

Tossing away my wet wipes

First time trying a product like this and I absolutely love it. I recently traveled to Nigeria and took the Pocket kit with me and it was so convenient.

Great product

My daughter bought me my first bottle. I liked it so much I ordered one for my other bathroom

Why Fresh Peaches?

  • Are you tired of toilet paper tearing when you wipe?
  • Sick of thin scratchy office toilet paper?
  • Does your bum get irritated and raw from wiping and wiping?
  • Do you want peace of mind knowing you're 100% fresh down under?
  • Are you looking for a wet wipe alternative that is flushable and biodegradable? 
Wet Wipe Alternative