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Saving the Planet One Wipe at a Time


Fresh Peaches is an alternative wet wipe designed to save your behind (and the planet).

After doing your business, take a piece of toilet paper, apply a drop of Fresh Peaches onto the paper and spread the formula to make your own wet wipes. There’s not much more we can say – it’s just that simple!

Still need convincing? Read on to find out how else you can be a hero to your butt and the world:

Tushie Benefits!

Wiping with dry toilet paper can cause of friction and damage the delicate skin around the anus. Over time, this can lead to medical issues such as hemorrhoids (which BTW, over 50% of Americans over 50 have - yikes!). Plus, just using toilet paper doesn’t always mean you’ll be able to clean every inch of your crack. Using a wet wipe can help prevent infections and leave your little behind feeling extra squeaky clean.

The fragrance-free formula is made from witch hazel, green tea extract, and vitamin B and other natural preservatives. It’s clinically tested, hypoallergenic and non-irritating, so it's great for sensitive peaches! Our formula is also designed to be gentle on toilet paper, so it won’t tear apart when in use.

Saving the planet one wipe at a time

As much as we love a healthy booty, traditional wet wipes are unfortunately not so healthy for the environment. Wet wipes are non-biodegradable, so they can clog your pipes and create fatbergs, causing major blockages in city sewers. Even if a wet wipe does get past the sewer system, it may end in the belly of a sea creature (poor thing). Making that switch to Fresh Peaches means that you can save your city and those cute little sea creatures, as it’s 100% flushable and biodegradable!

We’ve even created our bottles using high-quality PET plastic, which is not only recyclable but has 70% fewer greenhouse emissions than other packaging types. And FYI, 90% of PET plastic in the US that goes into recycling bins actually gets recycled. Our pocket bottles are built to be reused again and again, while on the go…and when you need to go.

So give your booty and the environment the love and attention it needs, and shop our collection today.